About MixTV

Weekly MixTV program are aired every Sundays from 10-11 am The hourly show is dynamic and filled with captivating moments. World and Canadian news coverage contains unique footages provided by Associated Press. The program features reports on events in the GTA, interviews with Canadian politicians and public figures, representatives of the Russian speaking community of Canada, foreign celebrities and other interesting people, and also authors’ programs and music clips.

MixTV host Sergey Vankevich is a high-class professional TV-journalist who had experience hosting Kazakstan republican TV. Alongside him, Tatiana Subbotina introduces viewers to the latest news, while presenting reports from field and interviews with studio guests. Among her interlocutors are former President of the Soviet Union Michail Gorbachev, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, Toronto mayor Rob Ford, Chief Superintendant RCMP Ben Soave, MPs and MPPs, Russian pop-stars and other luminaries.

MixTV host Inessa Strelnikova has TV journalism education. She is always sharp, compelling and captivates the audience. Inessa possesses a lot of talents including outstanding dancing skills. Svetlana Medyanik reports on news regarding the Russian music scene. Svetlana herself is a Russian music legend.

Mila Kanevskaya covers popular cultural events in North America. Mila is a professional actress; she starred in Canadian and American movies. Mila conducted numerous interviews with Hollywood super stars, such as Richard Geere and Demi Moore.

Editor-in- Chief, Creative Producer and Political commentator Igor Toutchinski comments the most contemporary problems of the Canadian life. Igor knows from firsthand what is going on in the Parliament Hill, Queen’s Park and City Hall. His analysis is always deep, objective and often paradoxical as our life itself. Igor Touchinsky acts not only as a political observer. Besides, he interviewers cabinet ministers, public and religious leaders, NHL and show stars, such world celebrities as Gary Kasparov. On top of that he runs the all creative programming, making it an integral and captivating show. Our Tv reporter Aram Zakharian always on top of the latest stories.

President MixTV Garry Kukuy is a program general producer. He depicts strategic development, solves current issues of production, marketing policy, relations with ‘A’ Channel, advertisers and production staff. Garry, however, is not just a businessman; he often suggests creative solutions making all possible for MixTV to develop and increase its popularity in the Russian language community and beyond.